Nothing happens when I try to navigate to different pages on the site. How do I join?

Only paid Krogen Cruiser subscribers have full access to the site. If you have not joined, click on the Login/Join button at the top of the page, select Join rather than Login, and provide your name, an email, and password. A new screen will appear with payment options. If you prefer to pay by check, send it to Treasurer, Krogen Cruisers, 411 Walnut Street, #15110, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043. However, you will be unable to Login until your check clears. Paypal payments provide instant access. Don't forget to click on MY PROFILE to enter information about you, your co-member, and your boat. Welcome Aboard!

When I view a document in the Digest section, ie., Articles, Newsletters, etc., how do I return to the website.

Currently, documents are pdfs and must appear on a new page/tab. Each browser has a different way of managing this. On laptops, pages/tabs are often at the top of your screen. Select the tab to return to to the site. On some iPads, if you double click, all open pages appear from which to navigate. On iPhones (using Safari), at the bottom of the browser screen, click on the icon on the bottom right-hand side. Select the Krogen Cruiser Website screen.

I am unable to find the answer to my website issue. Who do I contact?

If you have not found your answer in the HELP or FAQ sections, email Besides stating your issue, please let us know what steps you have done prior to experiencing the issue, i.e., "I logged in using my mobile (or my pc or my ipad), using xyz browser." Any details you can provide will expedite the solution.

How do I use INSTAGRAM?

Download the INSTAGRAM app to your cellphone. (NOTE: INSTAGRAM allows you to have more than one account. If you already have an account create an additional one. Paid members will find the private club SignOn and Password when you navigate to Instagram/Upload Photos on the Krogen Cruiser website Follow the INSTAGRAM directions on how to upload a photo. After successfully uploading to INSTAGRAM, it may take up to an hour for it to transfer to our website.

Where is the Classified Section? How do I list something?

You must be a paid member to vew this section. Click on Classifieds on the Home Page Screen. To ADD/UPDATE/DELETE a classified ad, go to MY PROFILE located under the HELP Jim Buoy on the HOME page.

I've forgotten my password. How do I change it?

At the Login/Signup, select Log in with Email. Then select "Forgot password?" Next, enter your email address. Then select, "Reset Password." The site will send you a link to create a new one.


How to I contact the webmaster?

The webmaster's email is:

How do I use the FORUM?

Click here to see FORUM HELP!

I need help with adding a Co-Member!

Click here for Co-Member Help.