Order Your Workbook Today!

As part of the upcoming Krogen Cruisers Virtual Rendezvous 2020, I hope you will plan to attend a unique two-hour couples training opportunity via Zoom on Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 2:00 ET. Bob Arrington is offering an introductory review of the Cruising Club of America's Safety for Cruising Couples seminar. How can couples work better together during challenging situations, build confidence, and prepare for onboard emergencies before leaving the dock? This kind of training is like insurance for emergencies - you hope you won't need it, but you will be glad you have it.


You will be asked to download the presentation materials from Google Drive a few days before the event. In addition, we strongly suggest that you order the newly revised book, Safety for Cruising Couples, for each partner from the Cruising Club of America here: https://sas.cruisingclub.org/scc/handbook/purchase.


You can select the “bulk purchase” option and take advantage of the reduced price of $15 per copy. While we will not be covering the entire contents of the book in our two-hour presentation, we will reference sections of the book. The book will be a good resource to use to track your progress toward becoming more comfortable with the boat’s operation.  Please allow for shipping time so it arrives before October 10th.


The course covers a range of essential boating safety practices, with particular emphasis on completing a safe voyage with a small crew. Topics include:


-Importance of Teamwork and Confidence Building 

-Dealing with Emergencies

-Person Overboard and Recovery Under Sail and Power

-Other Emergencies

-Know Before You Go: GPS, VHF, Using Charts and Chart-plotters

-Navigation and Safety Equipment

-Getting Help DSC Distress Communications

-Preparing Yourself and Your Boat

-Additional Resources and Checklists - https://sas.cruisingclub.org/scc