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Covid Plan - Rendezvous October 2022, Calvert Marina, Solomons, D

​      Updated 08/31/2022


  • Our Covid safety plan for 2022 is similar to the plan we followed for 2021. While the overall situation with the pandemic has improved since last year, new variants continue to arrive. We have many older members attending and some are immunocompromised, so our plan takes this into consideration. The plan includes both required and recommended actions.

  • All attendees are required to be fully vaccinated for Covid 19 (minimum of two shots). Exceptions for medical reasons can be accommodated by getting a negative PCR test result within 48 hrs of arrival at Solomons.

  • You will need to test negative upon arrival. Home (boat) quick tests will be provided if needed. Alternatively, a PCR or rapid (NAAT) test result less than 48 hours old will be accepted. When you arrive at Solomons you will do an initial check-in and receive your test kit. Once you self-administer the test (about 20 minutes), return to the registration table to complete check-in. There will be two tests in each person’s kit. Please administer the second test 48 hrs after the first test.

  • At check-in you will need to show proof of vaccination (A CDC card, copy, cell phone image or an app is acceptable) and attest to a negative covid test to receive your ID badge.

  • False positive results are rare. Should your rapid (antibody) test return positive, we will provide an additional rapid test kit to confirm the result. The local Walgreens can also provide rapid (NAAT) testing at the store.

  • Mask wearing is optional. We are not planning on providing masks so please bring your own.

  • Visitors to your boat who are not attendees will need to show proof of Covid vaccination and obtain a visitors badge before entering the tent or walking the docks. This is to accommodate visiting family and friends. We are trying to minimize outsiders entering our “bubble” so family/friends only, no boat showings.

  • A new booster that targets the latest Omicron variants is scheduled to be released soon. We recommend that all attendees receive that booster as soon as it is available. We also recommend all attendees receive a flu shot prior to attending.

  • Additional requirements for those attending CPR/First aid course: Since this class is conducted indoors and includes close contact with others, attendees are required to have both the basic two-shot vaccine and age-based booster shots. Further, attendees are required to have a recent flu shot. Complete guidance, to include a potential requirement for the Omicron specific booster, is being provided directly to course attendees by the instructor team.

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