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Covid Plan

Rendezvous October 2021

Calvert Marina, Solomons, MD

 Updated September 10, 2021

Summary of changes:

  1. All attendees must be fully vaccinated for Covid 19. Exceptions for medical reasons only can be accommodated. PCR test just prior to arrival required.

  2. You will need to show proof of vaccination at check-in to receive your ID badge. A CDC card, copy, cell phone image or an app is acceptable

  3. You need to test negative just prior or upon arrival. Home (boat) quick tests will be provided.

  4. Mask wearing is optional. Subject to change if conditions warrant. We will not be providing masks so please bring your own.

  5. Visitors to your boat who are not attendees will need to show proof of Covid vaccination and obtain a visitors badge before entering the tent or walking the docks. This is to accommodate visiting family and friends. We are trying to minimize outsiders entering our “bubble” so family/friends only, no boat showings.


   The change in infection rates due to the Delta variant has compelled us to modify our Covid Plan as presented below. All attendees are requested to honor this plan. Again, this plan is fluid, based on current conditions and may be adjusted should conditions warrant. This plan is intended to meet or exceed the recommendations of the CDC and the State of Maryland and will be modified as necessary.

  As an all-volunteer social organization, we can only go so far to create an environment that meets the concerns and interests of the majority of our members. We hope that you will find these accommodations acceptable and choose to attend.




All attendees will be required to attest to being fully vaccinated.


All attendees, speakers, and guests will be requested to test and be found negative within five days of arrival or test upon arrival at the Rendezvous. If you arrive having not already been tested, rapid, quick result test kits will be provided free of charge to any attendee. For those choosing to test prior to arrival, any CDC approved test, including lab or home test is acceptable.

Non-vaccinated (for medical reasons) attendees will be required to be tested (PCR only) and found negative prior (< 5 days) to attending the Rendezvous, and to test again on arrival (quick result home test kits provided.)

All of the events will be either outdoors, in the tent or at the Calvert Maritime Museum. For the tent, a portion of the side panels will remain up and fans will be used to keep the air moving. For now, we will treat the tent as an “outdoor” space, but that could change due to infection rates in Calvert County or to local weather. If there is inclement weather, we may have to close the tent and would then treat it as “indoor” and follow the CDC guidelines at the time of the Rendezvous.



We will follow CDC and Maryland state guidance on masking. As of this writing, (8 August 2021) Calvert County is an area of “Substantial” infection rates and CDC guidance recommends the wearing of masks indoors.

For now, masks will be recommended for fully vaccinated attendees and required for any non-vaccinated (medical) attendees. A mask-only area of the tent or table(s) can be accommodated. This is subject to change, so please bring a mask and be prepared to wear it while in the tent or in the marina clubhouse. KN95 masks will be provided.

Seating for presentations in the tent will be spread out as much as practicble. Tables for dinner will be eight-person tables with six chairs only.

Calvert Maritime Museum: For indoor and outdoor events at Calvert Maritime Museum, we will follow the protocols of the museum. (Currently masks are optional for vaccinated attendees, masks are required for non-vaccinated.) We are looking at the option of moving the museum event outdoors.

Marina Clubhouse:  As an indoor space, we will follow CDC guidance and require masks.


Hand sanitizer dispensers will be at the entry to the tent.


Each dock will have a sign stating this is a Private Event. There will also be a sign at the entrance to the tent. Casual visitors will not be welcome on the docks or in the tent. Visitors that do need to enter the tent will be asked to wear a mask.


Dinner will be catered, and their staff will  wear maks and maintain social distancing from our members.


Since this training will be held indoors, all participants will be required to be fully vaccinated and tested, at the request of the instructors. Other specific guidance will be provided in advance by the instructors.


Any attendees returning from recent international travel should follow CDC guidelines ( related to testing, self quarantine, etc


Any attendees who experience any symptoms (see CDC Guidelines at: should not attend, or if already in attendance, should self quarantine ( Partners of anyone who experiences these systems should also self quarantine. Rapid tests will be available to all attendees throughout the rendezvous.

Questions about his plan shold be addressed to:

Greg Smith

President, Krogen Cruisers

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