A Krogen Experience

Our First Rendezvous, A Life-Changing Event

A Tale of Two Islands

St Martin and St Kitt and two very different Islands, St Martin reminds me of Newark, New Jersey on an island with constant rush hour traffic, noise, pollution, a restaurant or gift shop on every corner, and run down buildings, but with beautiful tropical beaches.  Simpson Bay Lagoon, a huge anchorage in the middle of the island is disgusting with murky brown water, sunken boats and trash everywhere.  Not quite like the Bahamian waters we are used to.

St Kitt is relatively undeveloped and there are two monkeys for each person on the island, 60,000 monkeys!  The beaches on St Kitt are rocky or have brown sand unlike the white sand of Sint Maarten.  St Kitt is a large island and very spread out, so we needed to rent a car to see anything from our remote anchorage on the south part of the island.  We were probably 4 or 5 miles from town, but you can’t anchor near town due to the wave action.

Did we have a favorite? People watching, shopping and white sand beaches, St Martin wins hands down. Nature and unspoiled beauty, and St Kitt is one of the best.

Bill and Ann Miller
KK48  Ann Louise